EntityMetadataWrapperException: Unknown data property in Drupal 7

I enabled entity translation and related modules using drush (site already has lot of content).

drush en -y entity_translation admin_language pathauto_i18n title languageicons entity_translation_i18n_menu i18n_block i18n_field

Then i enabled the feature with translated content type. After that i get the following error when i navigate to /admin/structure/types/manage/article.

EntityMetadataWrapperException: Unknown data property commerce_line_items. in EntityStructureWrapper->getPropertyInf()(line 335 of /drupal_root/sites/all/modules/entity/includes/entity.wrapper.inc)

When i checked the status page(/admin/reports/status) i saw the following waning in tokens section


Also, the fields in Search API index (/admin/config/search/search_api/index/solr_index_test/fields) dont include node title, body etc.

I solved the same error in another instance by running update.php(i had Panels update pending). There was no pending database updates in the current situation.

Solution was simple – run drush eval on any module updates in my case panels as follows

drush eval "panels_update_7306"

That solved my headache for the last four hours!


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