How to setup Aegir in Ubuntu 14.04

First add aegir user to the system

sudo adduser --system --group --home /var/aegir aegir $ sudo adduser aegir www-data #make aegir a user of group www-dat

 Then configure Apache to point to Aegir

sudo ln -s /var/aegir/config/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf-available/aegir.conf

sudo a2enconf aegir

Give aegir user permission to restart server without password

sudo —preserve-env visudo —file=/etc/sudoers.d/aegir

Add these lines:

Defaults:aegir  !requiretty
aegir ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/apache2ctl # for Apache

Change to aegir user

sudo –u aegir -s –H

Install Provision

drush dl --destination=/var/aegir/.drush provision-7.x-3.0 drush cache-clear drush

Install Hostmaster

drush hostmaster-install

Install Hosting queue daemon
sudo cp <hostmaster_platform_root>/profiles/hostmaster/modules/aegir/hosting/queued/init.d.example /etc/init.d/hosting-queued
sudo update-rc.d hosting-queued defaults
sudo /etc/init.d/hosting-queued start

After the installation you will get the frontend url through which you will
be able to access the aegir admin page.






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