Using SimpleAds module in Drupal 7

Simple ADs module is the one of the modules to manage advertisements in Drupal 7. Drupal 6 had a brilliant AD module which is unfortunately not available for Drupal 7. Simple Ads module is relatively easy to install and it has statistics and you could create Ad campaigns through it.

Suppose you want to create a new AD with new taxonomy.Add the new ad category to the Simple Ads vocabulary.Now click on  structure->blocks->add advertisement block.You will get a form to create a new Block along with category of simpleads you need to show in it.

If you need to change the theme of the Ad block shown,create a new display for the View ‘
Advertisement Blocks (Content)’ .Now create a new Simple Ads block using default settings and add it to any region.Now go to that region and click configure block from contextual link.Change the view display to the one you created from the ‘Advertisement View Display’ and click save.There you have the customized Simple AD block.Cheers!


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