How to Install Eclipse with Zend Debugger in Linux?

Documentation on Eclipse site about installation is not much explanatory.So doing my bit of how i installed it in my Ubuntu 10.10 step by step.

1) First of course you have to download Eclipse archive from its website…

2)Supposedly if it is a tar archive,you can untar it using archive manager or using Bash Terminal to a preferred location.For demo, we will install it in /usr/local/. Thereis no special installation process,you just have to untar it & its ready.

3)If you are asked for Java Virtual Machine,get it from its website. ..install this also in /usr/local..

4) install JVM in a preferrred location like /usr/local …Now change directory to eclipse and open eclipse in Bash terminal ” /usr/local/eclipse/eclipse -vm  /usr/local/java(version no)/bin/java ”  or you can create launcher with above…

5)Now we will turn to the debugger installation.We are installing Zend Debugger here.Download it from here ,last link is Zend Studio Debugger(you have to register to download)..

6)Find out the version of PHP…create a php file with below code and run it..


7)From the archive,extract the folder according to your PHP version…
If it is 5.3.3,then unpack the folder ‘5_3_x_comp’ to a preferred location &
for convernience rename it as php_5_3_3.I installed it in /opt.
8)Now its time to edit php.ini file…To write in vim editor in bash terminal :
“sudo vim /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini” & add following lines :
# The section name is optional, but it’s always a good idea to add it,
# especially if you are not using a separate file

# This directive needs the full path to the Zend Debugger binary

# This directive allows Zend Debugger to start a debug session with:
# – Zend Studio on the same computer
# 192.168.1.x – Zend Studio on a computer with IP address 192.168.1.x

zend_debugger.allow_hosts= (Your IP address – you can get it by command “ifconfig-a”)

# This directive allows Zend Debugger to expose itself
# upon request (this is used in some service functionality).
# The possible options are:
# never – do not expose (default)
# always – expose to whoever wants to know
# allowed_hosts – expose only if the request comes from an IP listed above
Only three lines are important,Ones with # are comments…
Great 🙂 Eclipse will now run with Zend Debugger

Based on the explanatory post over here :


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